Wines selected by Italy's N ° 1 sommelier

Matteo Circella - Sommelier Rock

Sommelier Award N ° 1 in Italy Michelin Guide 2021

I have personally selected the bottles on Vinové to give you real moments, to drink together.

First we drink, then we talk about it!

This is our motto. Order now and join our community of enthusiasts!

Not sure what to drink? It starts from here!

If you don't know what to drink, I'll guide you . If you are undecided, I will advise you . If you already have clear ideas, put me to the test !

☀️Special summer 2024

This is the right time to share a good wine in the name of good intentions!

Choose the occasion and I will advise you what to uncork!

Fish Dinner

Family Launch

Offers Vinové 2024

Many bottles of the Vinové selection are on super sale, do not miss them!!!

☀️The new whites of the Vinové selection.

A selection of whites with a great taste, wines you cannot deprive yourself of.

Special: Vermentino.

The most sold and appreciated Vermentino's of our customers!

Peculiarities preferred by our customers:

📦 Vinové box

Discover the Vinové " Selezioni Circella " Boxes with the bottles chosen and matched for your special occasions!

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🤙 Wines to impress by Matteo Circella

Special bottles, to be uncorked to impress!

The wines "to impress": special bottles, to surprise , surprise you and bring you closer to an unconventional wine culture.

I will guide you to discover these particular wines, which you will learn to tell, which I hope you will fall in love with like me.

You will have to get involved with these bottles, but it will be worth it! You're one of us?

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📦Special Box " Territories to drink together"

Today we drink by the sea, Liguria!

Liguria from the West

to Levante

This box contains the whole story of the most iconic and unforgettable Ligurian wines : the strength of the Genoese Bianchetta , the Rossese di Dolceacqua and the traditional Vermentino!

What are you waiting for? Buy and uncork, see you in Liguria!

📦Special Box " Territories to drink together"

Today we drink in Sangiovese, Tuscany!

Excellence of Sangiovese

This box contains all the glory of the most iconic and unforgettable Tuscan wines : the excellence of Sangiovese in Brunello, Nobile di Montepulciano and Chianti Classico!

What are you waiting for? Buy and uncork, see you in Sangiovese!

📦Special Box " Territories to drink together"

Today we drink in Langa, Piedmont!

Glorious Langhe

This box contains the best Piedmontese wines, the most iconic and unforgettable : all the glory of the Langhe in Barbera, Nebbiolo and Barolo!

What are you waiting for? Buy and uncork, see you in Langa!

Recommended by customers

Best sellers ever

🤙 Special CA DU FERRA '

Respect for the land and tradition

Who we are


We want to bring people closer to wine.

Not just those who already juggle grapes and fermentations. All people, even those who do not understand, who pretend to understand something or who would like to know more.

Drinking with us it is easy to become more and more passionate about the culture of wine, acquire new knowledge and discover all the secrets of whites, reds and bubbles!

🤙 Selected by Matteo Circella:

Today we drink the fruit of long years spent in the bottle thanks to a quality work and passion of yesteryear.

They are wines from another era , in every sense: Today we drink the fruit of long years spent in the bottle thanks to the quality work and passion of the past.

Whites to live like the "Great reds". Reds with a very long aging.

The vineyards are located in Monferrato, a historic wine area in Piedmont.

The production is based on a scrupulous selection of the grapes.

The vinification is characterized by long macerations (the skins remain in contact with the must for a long time) and a very limited use of sulfur (the famous sulphites in wine are very few).

The refinement takes place mainly in large woods (barrels).

Drink with Matteo

What color intrigues you?

Where would you like to travel?

I don't know what to drink. Lead me!

My advice? Start here and I will guide you to discover my favorite bottles.

Special bottles , carefully selected to introduce you to my way of drinking wine, to get passionate and conquer you with a glass that is always stimulating and never banal.

I drink a classic.

Amarone, Brunello, Barolo, ... You already know that you want a classic , thick wine, a real rocket, let us advise you on the labels.

Carefully selected bottles that live up to the big names they carry and your expectations.

Surprise me...

If you are tired of the usual names and you are looking for it is an unexpected wine, which will surprise you and leave you something to tell and reflect on.

Special bottles, carefully selected to leave a mark.