List of products by brand PRUNOTTO

The Prunotto winery is one of the most significant realities in the panorama of Piedmontese wine production, a history that dates back to the first post-war period: born in 1904 as a cooperative winery, at the time called "Ai Vini delle Langhe", it was taken over in 1923 by Alfredo Prunotto, who gave it its name. Thanks to the passion of Alfredo and his wife Luigina, the winery soon gained notoriety and began to export its wines all over the world. In 1956 Prunotto handed over the management of the cellar to the brothers Beppe and Tino Colla and to Carlo Filiberti, who in turn sold it to the Marchesi Antinori family at the end of the 1980s.

Today the cellar uses the most modern technologies in order to guarantee the highest quality of the wines. In particular, great attention was paid to the updating of the aging techniques and to the restructuring of the winemaking premises, where the old 100-hectolitre barrels have given way to medium-sized barriques and oak and where the old cement tanks have been replaced by steel tanks. The Antinori family has been able to maintain the excellent quality level sought by Alfredo Prunotto, producing some of the best Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera crus.