List of products by brand FRANCACONTEA

The sixties were running and the corn plants became vines, red and white grapes. The intuition of a great Franciacorta was only just beginning, but the desire to rediscover an entire year of hard work in the glass made the Cavalleri family impatient.

Franca Conte limits the use of chemicals to a minimum in its wines, so the choices of internal production are always weighted in order to guarantee a quality but above all natural product. The cellar, perhaps the only one in all of Franciacorta, has a vacuum press which allows not to disperse the aromas and flavors of the grapes during the squeezing phase, thus maintaining all the freshness of the fruit right up to the glass.

The influence of the lake climate with its temperature ranges, the hilly landscape and the presence of heterogeneous plots with high permeability make this morainic area the ideal place to give life to an excellent wine. We speak almost exclusively of Chardonnay for our bubbles.