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Moscato wine: sweetness and aroma in every sip

Moscato wine enchants palates from all over the world with its sweetness and aroma. Let's discover together the characteristics of this wine on the portal.

The origins of Moscato wine

Moscato wine has ancient origins and has its roots in the Middle Ages. This aromatic grape variety is grown in several wine regions, such as Italy, France and Spain.

Characteristics of Moscato wine

Moscato wine is distinguished by its sweetness and its intense aromas. It offers a bouquet of fruity aromas, with notes of peach, apricot, white flowers and citrus. In the mouth, it is fresh, sparkling and slightly sweet. This wine is ideal to be enjoyed as an aperitif, to be paired with desserts or simply to sip in company.

The production area

Moscato wine is produced in several wine regions, such as the Astigiano in Piedmont, the Moscato d'Asti region, the Province of Cuneo and other areas of Italy. Each territory contributes to its uniqueness and its variety of aromas and flavours.

The producing cellars

In Italy, numerous wineries are passionately dedicated to the production of Moscato wine. Cantina Ceretto, Cantina Saracco and Cantina Michele Chiarlo are just some of the renowned wineries that produce high quality Moscato.

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