List of products by brand TRAMIN

The Tramin winery is one of the most historic and important production realities in South Tyrol. It was founded in 1898 in Termeno by the parish priest Christian Schrott, then a member of the Austrian Parliament. The winery is today one of the most interesting cooperative realities in the region, thanks to an offer geared especially towards the most typical local bottles and denominations. The modern cellar, inaugurated in 2010, was built by the architect Werner Tscholl and immediately established itself as one of the most revealing contemporary architectures in the area.

Each bottle of the Tramin cellar embodies the compendium of a philosophy of life and work that has made school in the world: rigor, dedication, competence, creativity and excellence. These are identity labels appreciated all over the world and considered among the best expressions of the region. Among these, the Gewurztraminer Nussbaumer stands out for its fame and prestige, a real national glory, together with the dried versions Roen and Terminum, references of the typology. The producers of Termeno excel not only in the production of aromatic whites, but also for territorial red wines, from the simplest and most refreshing to the most structured ones.