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Valtellina wine: the excellence of Lombardy

Valtellina wine represents the excellence of Lombardy, with its millenary history and its distinctive character. This fine red wine, produced mainly from the Nebbiolo grape variety (known locally as Chiavennasca), offers a unique food and wine experience. Let's discover its peculiarities together on the portal.

The origins of Valtellina wine

Valtellina wine has ancient origins in the Valtellina region, located in the Lombardy Alps, in Northern Italy. This autochthonous vine is traditionally grown on the slopes of the mountains, on soils of granite and limestone origin. The name "Valtellina" derives from the alpine valley in which this wine production develops.

Characteristics of Valtellina wine

Valtellina wine is characterized by its elegance and complexity. It offers notes of red fruits, such as cherry and raspberry, accompanied by floral and spicy nuances. In the mouth, it offers a pleasant acidity, structured tannins and a long finish. These wines are known for their ability to age, developing even more elegance and harmony over the years.

The territory of Valtellina

The Valtellina vine finds its ideal habitat in Valtellina, a mountainous region characterized by terraced vineyards that develop along the slopes of the Rhaetian Alps. The vineyards extend over soils of granite and limestone origin, which give the wine its unique structure and minerality. The alpine climate, with hot summers and cold winters, contributes to the balanced ripening of the grapes.

The cellars of Valtellina

In Valtellina, numerous wineries are passionately dedicated to the production of Valtellina wines. Cantina Nino Negri is one of the most renowned and appreciated wineries, with a long tradition in the production of high quality wines. Their dedication to excellence is reflected in the Valtellina wines they produce.

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