List of products by brand CA' DEL BOSCO

Ca' del Bosco unquestionably represents a pillar, not only of the Franciacorta area, but of the entire national wine scene. This very important production reality was born in the mid-60s, when Annamaria Clementi Zanella bought a small house with the same name in the municipality of Erbusco, in the heart of the area, with woods and vineyards. However, the company's winemaking journey was started by Annamaria's son, Maurizio Zanella, who was able to identify and enhance the characteristics of the Franciacorta territory. At the beginning of the 70s, Maurizio became the forerunner of the enhancement of those areas, transforming the small house "ca' del bosc" into one of the most modern and productive cellars in Italy. Since then every action has been dominated by a single and fundamental principle, which defines the essence of the cellar: the pursuit of excellence, which has always guided the maison since the first experimental phase. Immediately afterwards, in 1972, the first white wine, Pinot di Franciacorta, was released; four years later it was the turn of the first red Ca' del Bosco, the Rosso di Franciacorta. 1976 is the year of the first harvest which will give life to the first three Franciacorta Ca' del Bosco sparkling wines: Brut, Dosage Zéro, Rosé, two years later, the Crémant which will then be released in 1980. Precisely in 1978, during one of his research and study trips to France, Maurizio Zanella meets and hires André Dubois, chef de cave who will bring rigor and competence to the company. It will be thanks to him that the production of Franciacorta will consolidate leading in 1979 to the birth of the first vintage of the Riserva Franciacorta, a Pinot Millesimato to which, starting from the 1989 vintage, the name of the founder will be dedicated. His imprint on all Ca' del Bosco wines will be definitive.