List of products by brand EZIO POGGIO

The Ezio Poggio winery is located in Vignole Borbera, an Italian town in the province of Alessandria, located in the alluvial plain of the Borbera, an area formerly suited to viticulture and the main vine was Timorasso; from the second post-war period onwards, however, depopulation caused a sharp decrease in the cultivation of this variety, up to its almost total disappearance.

Since 2005, the Poggio company, which has been present on the wine scene for over 50 years, has been the promoter, in collaboration with some farms in the area, of a project aimed at recovering the Timorasso vine in Val Borbera, with the planting, in years, about 6 hectares of vineyards. Quality has always been their main objective and, looking at wine with one eye on tradition and one on innovation, their tenacious work and their solid passion have been rewarded over the years both by the numerous awards obtained in the field of the various wine competitions and since the creation of the new denomination "Terre di Libarna", as a sub-area of the Colli Tortonesi.