List of products by brand FELLUGA

Livio Felluga is considered throughout the world as a cornerstone of Friulian and Italian oenology, famous for the extraordinary quality of the wines produced, immortalized by labels that represent the ancient geographical map of the estates owned. Livio's winemaking adventure began after the Second World War, when he finally managed to realize his dream and purchase some vineyards in the surroundings of Rosazzo, in the province of Udine, in the Colli Orientali del Friuli area, which later became famous and prestigious thanks to he. His family has always been linked to the world of wine and produced Refosco and Malvasia on the island of Istria, today in Slovenian territory. In the 1950s Livio was one of the first producers to make a decisive improvement in the quality of production, which would establish him as the patriarch and pioneer of modern and rigorous Friulian viticulture.

Livio Felluga wines are produced every year according to a philosophy based on the values of respect and passion for the territory, according to the timeless teaching of the founder. In every bottle produced it is possible to find those qualities that have made the expressions of Friuli great: balance, softness, elegance, pleasantness, harmony and lots of fruit. These are labels that have made the history of Friuli and which continue to excite and establish themselves as an essential point of reference both in Italy and abroad.