We want to bring people closer to wine.

Not just those who already juggle grapes and fermentations. All people, even those who do not understand, who pretend to understand something or who would like to know more.

Drinking with us it is easy to become more and more passionate about the culture of wine, acquire new knowledge and discover all the secrets of whites, reds and bubbles!


Paolo Lavaggi

CEO - Founder

Born in 1989. Graduated in Yacht Design

Co-founder of:

Pineapple Srl (Hi-Tech)

Sixrace.it (e-Commerce motorsport)

Mob-line.it (B2B circular economy Hi-Tech)

MyRenew.it (B2C circular economy Hi-Tech)

TecnicoDiProfessione.it (Training Repair Service Hi-Tech)

Author of several publications including: "Enjoy Your Smartphone" (Book, 2019) and "Make Money with Phone Repairs" (Book, 2020)

Matteo Lavaggi

IT - Founder

Born in 1989. Expert IT developer.

Founder and CEO of Pineapple Srl (Hi-Tech) and CloudRemote.it (Cloud CRM)

Co-founder & IT Manager of:

Sixrace.it (e-Commerce motorsport)

Mob-line.it (B2B circular economy Hi-Tech)

MyRenew.it (B2C circular economy Hi-Tech)

TecnicoDiProfessione.it (Training Repair Service Hi-Tech)

Matteo Circella

Sommelier - Founder

Born in 1990. He has a degree in Economics and Commerce.

Special Award Michelin Guide Best Sommelier of Italy 2021 offered by the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium.

In 2008 he began the courses and then obtained the ONAV Taster and AIS Professional Sommelier Diplomas. Later he joined the Tasting Commission for DOC Wines of the Province of Genoa and in 2016 he won the competition as the best Sommelier of the Liguria Region. In 2018 he became Slow Wine Manager for Liguria.

He manages the cellar of the BiB Gourmand Michelin Guide La Brinca.

Francesco Leoni

Finance - Founder

Born in 1979. For 22 years in the Food & Beverage sector.

Beginning with bartending (3rd place in the world Legends of Bartending 2007), he gained managerial experience developing a program dedicated to staff training over the last 15 years. He oversees the opening with Emirates Leisure Retail of 7 venues in 4 years between Dubai and Melbourne linked to the luxury restaurant Left Bank.

In Italy he opens three successful venues in Chiavari and Portofino and founded the Leoni Training Lab, a training facility dedicated to the development and growth of professionals in the food & beverage world.

Ettore Marullo

Finance - Founder

Born in 1989. He graduated in science in 2009 and attended the Faculty of Economics in Genoa until 2013.

From 2004 to 2012 he has many stimulating and diversified experiences ranging from delivery to bartender to online gambling and forms his analytical and critical spirit of economic and managerial aspects.

Founder and CEO Top Bet Srl.


When you choose to buy a bottle of wine online, questions arise:

“Who helps me to choose the perfect wine for me in the jungle of wineries, discounts and promotional bottles?

Who tells me the story, the characteristics and the peculiarities of that wine? "

In Vinové you will find the answer: Matteo Circella, the number 1 sommelier in Italy.

Sitting at the table with him and seeing him uncork bottles, observe his gestures and listen to him while he rattles off information, stories and curiosities about the wines he has selected, with simplicity and amidst laughter, is an experience to make your head spin.

And no, not just for the wine :)

Perhaps you too, when you think of the figure of the sommelier, are used to imagining pompous characters, in plaster casts, who - elegant and well-dressed - speak technically and explain wine in a difficult way.

But you haven't met Matteo yet: an easy-going, friendly Rock sommelier who, when he presents you with a bottle of wine, tells you "Let's drink first, then let's talk about it!"

It is time to unhinge the imagination of the "old sommelier", to replace it with a fresher, more modern, younger, more real one.

Thus, Vinové was born.