List of products by brand OLIVIER LEFLAIVE

In France, in the heart of the Burgundy region, exactly in Puligny-Montrachet, there is the "Olivier Leflaive" wine estate, a company that has always belonged to the Leflaive family, the company developed immediately after the First World War, when the Saint-Etienne steel mill, belonging to Olivier's grandfather, Joseph Leflaive, went bankrupt. Hence the decision to stake everything on the wine estate, which until 1953 was led directly by Joseph himself, to then pass into the hands of his sons Vincent and Joseph RĂ©gis, to whom Olivier himself was added in 1984.

Simple, but rigorous, is the cornerstone on which the company is based: producing great wines, all starting with the work among the rows, where, although not covered by any certification, the approach is fully sustainable, totally respectful of what is the balance of the environment, nature, biodiversity and the ecosystem. By checking the health of each single vine, both in the owned vineyards and in the vineyards of the conferors, and above all by keeping the yields per hectare extremely limited. In the cellar, the centuries-old skills and savoir-faire ensure that each production step is controlled down to the smallest detail, so always without ever neglecting the highest quality standards, the hand of man intervenes only and exclusively to enhance and enhance everything in the wines how much the season and the territory have been able to express in the grapes.