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Derthona wine: a treasure from the Tortona hills

Derthona wine, with its elegance and millenary history, represents an authentic treasure of the Tortona hills, in the south-eastern tip of Piedmont. This white wine, mainly produced from the indigenous Timorasso grape variety, offers a unique sensory experience. Let's discover its peculiarities together on the portal.

The origins of Derthona

The Derthona vine has ancient roots in the Tortona hills, in the territory of the province of Alessandria. This autochthonous vine, also known as Timorasso, has been rediscovered and valued in recent decades thanks to the commitment of passionate producers. The name "Derthona" refers to the Latin name of the ancient city of Tortona.

Characteristics of Derthona wine

Derthona wine is known for its complexity and aromatic richness. It offers a wide variety of scents, including notes of ripe fruit, citrus, white flowers, honey and a subtle minerality. In the mouth, it is distinguished by a good structure, a pleasant acidity and a long and persistent finish. These wines are able to age beautifully, developing further complexity over the years.

The territory of Derthona

The Derthona vine thrives on the Tortona hills, characterized by clayey and calcareous soils. The continental climate and the temperature variations between day and night contribute to the balanced ripening of the grapes, guaranteeing a perfect expression of the terroir in the bottles of Derthona .

The cellars of Derthona

In the area of the Tortona hills, numerous wineries are passionately dedicated to the production of Derthona . Among these, the Walter Massa winery is among the most famous and respected. Walter Massa was a true pioneer in the rediscovery and enhancement of the Derthona vine and his wines represent an authentic point of reference.

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