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The bubbles of Etna: volcanic elegance in every sip

The bubbles of Etna represent the volcanic elegance and authenticity of the territory, with their distinctive characteristics and their unique flavour. Let's discover together the peculiarities of these bubbles on the portal.

The origins of Etna bubbles

The bubbles of Etna have origins on the slopes of the imposing volcano Etna, in Sicily. This unique territory, characterized by volcanic soils and a Mediterranean climate, gives the grapes a unique aromatic complexity and minerality.

Characteristics of the bubbles of Etna

The bubbles of Etna are characterized by their elegance, their freshness and their minerality. They offer a bouquet of complex aromas, with notes of fresh fruit, wild flowers and mineral hints. In the mouth, they offer a pleasant acidity, a fine effervescence and a delicate perlage. These bubbles are perfect to be enjoyed as an aperitif or to be combined with fish and shellfish dishes.

The cultivation area

The bubbles of Etna are produced in the vineyards located on the slopes of Etna, in Sicily. This volcanic territory, with its different altitudes and exposures, contributes to the complexity and variety of the bubbles produced.

The producing cellars

In this region, numerous wineries are passionately dedicated to the production of high quality bubbles. Cantine Murgo, Cantine Benanti and Cantine Nicosia are just some of the renowned wineries that produce Etna bubbles appreciated all over the world.

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If you wish to savor the volcanic elegance of Etna's bubbles, visit the website. Here you will find a careful selection of Etna bubbles from the best cellars, ready to be tasted and appreciated.