List of products by brand ZANOTTO

In the artisan panorama of Prosecco, the Zanotto estate undoubtedly stands out, located in the municipality of Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso. Riccardo's goal, at the helm of the company, is to convey the history, the perfumes and the character behind the culture and traditions of the beautiful area of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. The value underlying Riccardo Zanotto's production is the belief that great wine is born in the vineyard, which is why the producer meticulously takes care of the agronomic aspect.

For the second fermentation, Riccardo Zanotto adopts two techniques: one according to the established Martinotti Method, which consists in placing the base wine in an autoclave at controlled temperature and pressure with the addition of sugars and yeasts, the other following the Ancestral Method, practice which provides for the bottling of the must-wine still in fermentation in such a way as to produce spontaneous effervescence in the bottle thanks to the transformation of the residual sugars. Furthermore, the refermented wines in the bottle are not subjected to any filtration or disgorgement operation and for this reason they have a healthy sediment that characterizes the 'Col Fondo' selection, which has become a symbol of the estate so much so that it is also known as "Zanotto col Fondo ”.