List of products by brand CASCINA PRAI√Č

Cascina Praié produces high quality wines in one of the most beautiful areas of the Western Ligurian Riviera in Northern Italy and enjoys a mild and favorable microclimate always caressed by the breezes of the sea winds. The winery, located 6 km from Alassio and 3 km from Andora, lends itself, thanks to its location, to guided tours and tastings in an unforgettable Mediterranean setting.

The vineyards, all owned, are cultivated with the utmost respect for the soil and plants, enhancing the biodiversity and exposure of the vines. Thanks to this philosophy we can also preserve many useful insects (for example, bees and earthworms) and allow plants and their fruits to grow in a healthy and natural way. The cellar is annexed to the original vineyard and has technologies that make it possible to limit the use of chemical products.