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Ribolla Gialla

The refinement of Ribolla Gialla wine: a treasure from Friuli

Ribolla Gialla wine, with its delicate character and distinctive aromatic notes, is one of the jewels of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This elegant white wine deserves to be enjoyed by every true wine lover. Let's discover its peculiarities together on the portal.

The origins of Ribolla Gialla

The Ribolla Gialla grape variety is historically rooted in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in northeastern Italy. This grape has a long history, with documents attesting its cultivation in the region as early as the 13th century. Today, Ribolla Gialla is considered one of the symbolic vines of Friuli, appreciated for its elegance and refinement.

Characteristics of the Ribolla Gialla wine

Ribolla Gialla wine is known for its lightness and freshness, with aromatic notes of apple, pear, white flowers and a subtle minerality. In the mouth, it offers vibrant acidity and a clean, refreshing finish. Although commonly vinified in a dry style, Ribolla Gialla is also used to produce sparkling and raisin wines.

The territory of Ribolla Gialla

The Ribolla Gialla vine adapts perfectly to the cool climate and marly soils of Friuli. These conditions, together with the influence of the nearby Alps and the Adriatic Sea, contribute to creating Ribolla Gialla wines of great balance, characterized by a lively freshness and a delicate aromatic profile.

The cellars of Ribolla Gialla

Many wineries in Friuli produce high quality Ribolla Gialla wines. Among these, the Josko Gravner winery is particularly well known: its Ribolla Gialla wines fermented in amphorae are considered among the most unique and ambitious examples of this variety.

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