List of products by brand LA MORANDINA

The Cantina della Morandina boasts a production that goes back in time, reaching almost five centuries of history, traditions and indissoluble memories, which can be found in every step of the entire production. His name represents a reality now rooted in Piedmont, and one of the most important reference points for Italian wine culture. Since its foundation, the company has devoted itself to the production of the best Piedmontese wines that the area has to offer. It is located in the Castiglione Tinella area, in the Langhe, where the famous Collina Morandini rises. It is spread over an altitude ranging from three hundred to four hundred meters above sea level. The unique particularity of the land allows for the cultivation of a very aromatic Moscato d'Asti, with a fresh taste and a hint of herbs. The four vineyards where the Morandina wines are produced will give you some of the best wines in the whole area, to discover the most authentic side of Piedmont in every glass.