List of products by brand LENZA

The history of the Lenza company and its Franciacortas began in 1964 when Giuseppe Lenza began a work of recovery of the terraces and vineyards of Monte Orfano, this hill, because one cannot speak of a mountain even if it stands isolated in the plain, constitutes the southern border of the territory of Franciacorta. From a cultural point of view, as a privileged point of observation of the underlying territory, it has been a place of great interest since the Bronze Age, then enriched, in the Middle Ages, with numerous paths which, at different heights, crossed it as a network of connection between the various rural, commercial and religious activities present on it.

Vittorio Lenza, currently at the helm of the company, thus defines his production philosophy "the holistic and profoundly respectful approach to the land is also maintained in absolutely natural vinification and sometimes diverges from the postulates of modern oenology to be more coherent and close to ours philosophy of naturalness”