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By becoming a Vinové Promoter !

🥂 Do you love wine in its various shades?

You wish you could drink fine bottles,

carefully chosen and selected by the Sommelier n.1 in Italy for the Michelin Guide 2021?

From today it is possible to do it ... for free !

Yes, you read that right: Free of charge . Without paying . Free .

How is it possible?

Don't worry, we're not crazy!

To find out more, read on

and find out how to receive all the bottles in our catalog

free, directly to your home!

Do you produce content and videos on blogs , Youtube , Instagram or other social media?

Do you have a few followers and are you thinking about how you can get something out of it?

Do you already work in the HORECA sector and have a customer list?

You would like to combine the passion for quality wine

to a permanent automatic annuity ?

🍾 If you love talking to friends and acquaintances about grapes, cellars and aging

and you are the friend of the group who always thinks about drinking and advises what to drink and when to drink it,

then the Vinové Promoter program is the one for you!

📢 Create your automatic fixed annuity,

at no cost and recommending the best wines chosen by Vinové to your customers, friends, acquaintances and followers!

The wine market in Italy is worth 14 billion euros, equal to about 311 euros of annual expenditurefor every person you know !

The question is:

How many people do you know?

If you're wondering why we made the decision to send some of our customers free bottles of wine, you've come to the right place.

Now we will explain everything to you, step by step.

Let's start with who we are.

Vinové is the online cellar where you can buy a selection of refined and fine wines chosen by Matteo Circella, Sommelier award n.1 in Italy for the 2021 Michelin Guide.

As an online winery, our advertising investment relies on the giants of the sector (Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc.), but what we want to do, however, is to use a part of this investment and direct it to our loyal customers, in the form of discount coupons to buy bottles or commissions.

How do we want to do it? Through the Vinové Promoter / Agent Program!

By becoming a Promoter, in fact, you will only have to transmit our passion to your friends, followers and acquaintances: in exchange we will reward you with that part of the budget that would go to others and that you can immediately transform into free bottles delivered to your home or in commissions!

In this way, we try to enhance our customers and loyal promoters, while you can enjoy the best wines chosen for free or earn a constant and automatic flow of money.

In short: instead of paying Google or Facebook for their advertising contribution, we want to reward you directly with free bottles of wine or commissions in exchange for your work and commitment in bringing us new customers and friends who all share the same passion.

What will you have to do in practice, if you choose to become a Vinové Promoter / Agent? Simply invite other people to buy on the site, giving them a discount coupon on the first order: when this is done, you will receive an amount that you can convert into a discount coupon (free bottles sent to your home and of your choice) or commissions ( for agents and influencers)!

The wine market in Italy is worth 14 billion euros, equal to about 311 euros of annual expenditure for every person you know! The question is, how many people do you know?

Get started now, it's free and it costs nothing!


What is the Vinové Promoter Program?

The Vinové Promoter Program is the Affiliation and Sponsorship system that allows you to Earn by inviting friends and acquaintances to make purchases on the Vinové.it site.

Who is a Vinové Promoter?

A Vinové Promoter is a satisfied customer of ours who decides to register for the Vinové Promoter program, in this way the Promoter can invite friends and acquaintances to buy on the Vinové.it site and earn a commission (prize) on orders.

Who is it recommended for?

The Vinové Promoter program can help content creators, bloggers, influencers, vloggers and youtubers monetize their followers, but it is also suitable for anyone interested in making money with wine! In fact, a Vinové Promoter does not have to do anything other than share his personal Affiliate link with his Followers, Friends, Relatives and Acquaintances to start earning immediately!

Who is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is a customer who has been sent to purchase on Vinové.it by the Promoter. Customers Affiliated by a Promoter remain connected to the Promoter.

An Affiliate may in turn become a Promoter and invite other Affiliates.

What are commissions (premiums)?

Commissions are the amounts that accrue when your Affiliate customer places and pays an order on Vinové.it and can be used to purchase free bottles or can be paid to you (for Agents and Influencers) *

How does it work?

The Promoter must register on the Vinové.it site as a customer, place at least one order and then activate his Promoter Vinové account from the appropriate section of the back office, after which he can invite his friends and acquaintances via a simple link or a discount voucher to buy on Vinové.it. For every purchase made by its Affiliate users the Promoter receives a commission (prize)!

How Much Do I Make?

The commissions (premium) on orders are equal to 7% of the total value of the orders placed by its Affiliates. Commissions (prizes) can be used to buy any bottle for free or they can be paid to you *

How long do I earn?

Currently Affiliate customers remain hooked to the Promoter without expiration.

* The commissions (prizes) can be converted into discount vouchers to buy any product on our site for free. Vinové Promoters accredited as Agents or professional influencers can request the payment of accrued commissions. To be qualified as a Professional Influencer it is necessary to respect these parameters:

Volume of commissions accrued in the last month> 50 €


1. Register as a Customer

Go to the website and select "Login" in the menu and then "Register" .

Fill in all the data to create your account.

2. Make a purchase

We want all Vinové Promoters to have experienced our service firsthand! Only in this way can you recommend it to your friends in a convincing way! To activate your Promoter account you must make at least one purchase on Vinové.it of any amount .

3. Register as a Promoter / Agent

Access the website with your credentials

In your account section click on "Become a Vinové Promoter" :

4. Invite your Clients / Followers, friends or acquaintances

Click on “Affiliate Methods” in the control panel menu of your "Account Promoter" , on this page you can find your personal link to invite your friends and acquaintances!

5. What do your Customers / Affiliates need to do to register

Your Affiliate Customers only need to click on the link or use the discount voucher you sent them, after which they have 30 days to register on and make their first purchase from the same device they used to click on the link.

At the time of purchase, the customer is automatically assigned to your Promoter account and becomes your Affiliate.

From this moment on, every time the customer makes a purchase on you will receive a commission.

After the customer has registered, they no longer need to use your link to earn commissions, the customer is registered and remains linked to your Promoter account.