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Pigato wine: a treasure of the Ligurian Riviera

Pigato wine, with its aromatic character and its freshness, is one of the jewels of Liguria. This Mediterranean white wine is perfect to accompany fish dishes and represents the essence of the Ligurian Riviera. Let's discover its peculiarities together on the portal.

The origins of Pigato

The Pigato grape variety has its roots in the Liguria region of northwest Italy. It is believed that it was introduced in Liguria by the ancient Greeks or Phoenicians. Pigato is particularly linked to the province of Savona, but is also grown in other areas of Liguria. This vine reflects the character of the Ligurian territory, with its jagged coast and hilly landscapes.

Characteristics of Pigato wine

Pigato wine is known for its distinctive flavor profile, with notes of white flowers, citrus, almonds and a slight minerality. In the mouth, it offers good acidity and a fresh and persistent finish. Thanks to its liveliness, it is an ideal companion to fish dishes, salads and fresh cheeses.

The territory of Pigato

The Pigato vine adapts beautifully to the Mediterranean climate and rocky soils of Liguria. These conditions, together with the influence of the Ligurian Sea, contribute to creating Pigato wines with a perfect balance between freshness, aromatic scents and a pleasant sapidity.

The cellars of Pigato

In Liguria, several wineries are passionately dedicated to the production of Pigato . Cantina Lunae, for example, is famous for producing high quality Pigato wines that authentically express the Ligurian terroir.

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