List of products by brand AIMASSO

The company's activity began in the 1930s, in Diano d'Alba, a small town immersed in the vineyards of the Langhe hills; founded by the great-grandparents Lorenzo and Argentina was born as a farm and is dedicated purely to breeding and agriculture. After the Second World War, when Pierino, the only one of the three sons of the two founders who decided to carry on the family business, had the idea of investing in grapes, in particular in the Dolcetto vine, indigenous to his land.

Pierino was succeeded by his two sons Lorenzo and Giuseppe, hence the name Fratelli Aimasso and they decided to expand the production of grapes, buying new land between Diano d'Alba and Montelupo Albese. The grapes were intended for production only, and only towards the end of the 1960s did the brothers decide to convert their land to winemaking, thus starting their production of wine, exclusively Dolcetto, which was sold in bulk in demijohns to private individuals.