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Vino da Tavola

White table wine: elegance and freshness for every occasion

White table wine represents a refined and fresh option to accompany your meals, whether informal or special. Let's discover together the distinctive characteristics and potential of this wine on the portal.

Characteristics of white table wine

The white table wine stands out for its elegance, freshness and a wide range of aromas and flavours. It can be light and aromatic, with notes of white fruit and flowers, or more complex and structured, with hints of exotic fruit and mineral undertones. In the mouth, it offers a pleasant acidity and a pleasant softness, with a harmonious finish.

White table wine as a companion to every meal

White table wine is a versatile companion to a variety of dishes. It is perfect to be enjoyed with hors d'oeuvres, fish-based first courses, seafood, poultry, fresh cheeses and vegetable-based dishes. Its freshness and lightness also make it ideal as an aperitif or to sip with friends.

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