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The rediscovered charm of Timorasso wine: a rediscovered pearl

Timorasso wine, once forgotten and now rediscovered, is one of the hidden treasures of the Italian wine scene. With its aromatic richness and its extraordinary aging capacity, it deserves to be known by every wine lover. Let's explore together the peculiarities of this wine on the portal.

The origins of Timorasso

The Timorasso vine finds its origins in the hills of Piedmont, in northwestern Italy, where it has been cultivated for centuries. Despite its historical presence, the popularity of Timorasso declined during the 20th century, to be replaced by more productive and easy to cultivate vines. However, in recent decades, a handful of devoted producers have worked to restore Timorasso to its former glory, rediscovering its unique potential.

Characteristics of Timorasso wine

Timorasso wine is known for its aromatic richness, with aromas of ripe apple, pear, peach, white flowers and a touch of minerality. In the mouth, it offers a remarkable structure, lively acidity and a persistent finish. These wines are also known for their ability to age well, developing complexity and depth over time.

The territory of Timorasso

The Timorasso vine thrives in the clayey and calcareous soils of the Piedmont hills. These terroir conditions, together with the temperate climate of the region, help create Timorasso wines with a perfect balance between fruit richness, vibrant acidity and minerality.

The cellars of Timorasso

Many producers in Piedmont produce high quality Timorasso wines. Among these, Walter Massa is one of the best known, having been a pioneer in the rediscovery and promotion of this vine. His Timorasso wines are famous for their intensity, complexity and longevity.

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