Tortona Hills Terre Di Libarna Timorasso Doc Archetipo 2019 - Ezio Poggio Vinové EZIO POGGIO
  • Tortona Hills Terre Di Libarna Timorasso Doc Archetipo 2019 - Ezio Poggio Vinov√© EZIO POGGIO


Colli Tortonesi Terre Di Libarna Timorasso Doc Archetipo 2021 - Ezio Poggio



Ordina entro 2 ore e 50 minuti e sar√† spedito oggi con GLS EU ‚ā¨15.99


TheTortona Hills Terre Di Libarna Timorasso Doc Archetype of Ezio Poggioit's aWhite winefrom theVal Borbera, inprovinceOfAlexandria.

ThetimorassoArchetyperepresents thetop of the rangefrom theEzio Poggio winery, what it does mostvibratethe soulto hisusersand, above all, hisproducer.

You are actually in front of awinethat tastes of timorasso, which manages tosqueezethe solidstructureof thegrape variety, herspicesand hisgreatminerality, but without giving up onevery strongfreshness.

TheTortona Hills Terre Di Libarna Timorasso Doc Archetype of Ezio Poggioit's awinewhich arises fromValleyand he knows ofstreamMountain.

Why you should drink it

But how good it is to walk around theHillsTortonesi, would sing Cesare Cremonini, iftastedachaliceOfArchetype!

In fact, you must know that theDoc Colli TortonesiIt's composed bytwo subzones:Monleale, from which itimorassomore famous, AndLands of Libarna, awine placestill unknown to most.

If you toonotsixstilltoknowledgeof this area,the ArchetypeOfEzio Poggioit's aexcellent starting pointfordiscover it!

Aproducerof referencewhich gives life to awineclassicbutartisanal.

When to uncork it

The ArchetypeOfEzio Poggioit's agood wineto consumeyoung, but with someinterestingpotentialOfaging.

If whatcirclesin awinestructuredand thefreshnessand theeasydrink,uncorkthis bottleAndenjoy itright away.

If, on the other hand, you are a type thatlovesthenuances,let herin the basementfor a couple of years,you will find againatimorassointriguingAndcomplex.

How to drink it

The ArchetypeOfEzioPoggioit's aWhiteimportantAndstructuredand as such it goesconsumedto onetemperaturea bit'highest.

Theproducerinlabeladvises you to drink itbetween 16 and 18 degrees- almost like a red - to makestand outthereveinbitterfrom theminerality.

You evaluate the temperature you like best, butnoteven think ofapproachthisbottleto theice.

Vinification and Aging

The grapehe comesharvestedmanuallyAndtransportedat thecellarinspeakers. Afterpressingand thefermentation, he comesrefinedintubsOfsteelon its fine lees acontrolled temperature, withbattonagescheduled periodicals. Before listing remains inbottleforat least six months.


We are at the beginning of theVal Borbera, in the province of Alessandria, in the Apennine area of Piedmont, almost on the border with Liguria.


Clayey, calcareous.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Timorasso
Degrees: 13.5
Format: 0.75
Name: DOC
Year: 2021
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Timorasso
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Romantic evening
Peculiarities: Artisan
Reference: 722390
Allergeni: Solfiti