List of products by brand LVNAE

The Lunae winery is located at the gates of Liguria, on the border with Tuscany, in the lush Lunigiana area. A beautiful land, flourishing and rich in landscapes since ancient times, so as to make the invading Barbarians believe that it was the great Rome. A story that also has ancient roots as regards viticulture, because Liguria and above all these fertile lands were identified by the Etruscans as one of the most suitable places for growing grapes.

Lunae summarizes its philosophy of thought under three keywords: Understanding, Cultivating and Collecting. Understanding the history and the land, cultivating grapes and passions and gathering from tradition the key to understanding the future. The wines of the Lunae line are affected by the freshness of the Alps and the sapidity of the Ligurian Sea. They are characterized by a common imprint of elegance and a pleasant drinkability, which makes them easy to combine with various dishes, especially local ones, such as fish, pasta with pesto, focaccia, porridge or rabbit.