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Gavi wine: the elegance of the Piedmont area

Gavi wine, with its refinement and unique character, represents a true jewel of the Piedmont area. This white wine, mainly produced from the indigenous Cortese grape variety, offers an extraordinary sensory experience. Let's discover its peculiarities together on the portal.

The origins of Gavi

The Gavi vine is historically rooted in the area of the municipality of Gavi, in the Piedmont region. This native vine has been known to produce white wines of great elegance since the Middle Ages. Today, Gavi is one of the most appreciated and renowned Italian white wines in the world.

Characteristics of Gavi wine

Gavi wine stands out for its fresh and delicate aromatic profile, with notes of green apple, white peach, white flowers and a subtle minerality. In the mouth, it offers a pleasant acidity, a good structure and a long and persistent finish. These wines are loved for their elegance, their freshness and their ability to age.

The territory of the Gavi

The Gavi vine finds its ideal habitat in the area of the municipality of Gavi, where the soil is characterized by calcareous and clayey soils. The continental climate mitigated by the proximity of the Ligurian Sea gives Gavi wines an extraordinary freshness and considerable complexity.

The Gavi cellars

In the area of the municipality of Gavi, numerous wineries are passionately dedicated to the production of Gavi . Among these, the La Scolca winery is one of the most renowned and historic. Their focus on quality and tradition is reflected in their top notch Gavi wines.

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