List of products by brand MARIOTTO

The Claudio Mariotto winery is not only among the most famous in the Colli Tortonesi area, but has contributed significantly to the rebirth and enhancement of this area and its symbolic grape variety: Timorasso. The estate is near Vho and its origins date back to the 1920s, when the great-grandfather of the current owner began to plant the first vines. The company has kept its typically family character and has been able to carry on the most ancient local traditions over time, enhancing the native grapes and producing excellent quality artisan wines.

The rediscovery of this ancient white grape variety is due to a few local producers, Timorasso has been present in these lands since the Middle Ages, it was the most cultivated grape on the Tortona hills. Only after the destruction of European vineyards caused by phylloxera, Timorasso was almost completely abandoned and forgotten in favor of more productive and more requested grapes on the market. Only in the early 1990s did Claudio Mariotto, along with a few other local winemakers, believe in its qualities and begin to replant vineyards with the idea of producing a great white wine for aging. Today the winery produces different versions of Timorasso, some of which are the result of single particularly suitable vineyards.