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Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Doc Pitasso - Mariotto Vinové MARIOTTO
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Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Doc Pitasso 2018 - Mariotto

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TheTortonesi Hills Pitassoit's aWhite wineproduced byTimorasso grapesto the100%in the Alessandria province in southern Piedmont, oneareabecomefamousthanks to thegrape varietytimorasso, which not everyone knows, and to some producers such as Claudio Mariotto.

Pitassorepresents thebusiness excellence, acru-vineyardsingle from the topqualitative potential- always vinified separately from the other company vineyards.

This timorasso is awineOfstructure,bodyAndgreatpotentialOfaging, today it presents itselfsolid, from thesipdecidedbetweenaromaticitytypicalof the vine and onemineralitydictated byvineyardold.

Awine to impress, but above all forsurprise youthat such wines exist in Italy.

Why you should drink it

ThisTortona Hills Timorassois today atrue cultbetween the labelsmost sought afterAndloveby collectors, especially because it is one of thewhiteswith thepropensityat thelongevitygreaterthat there is in Italy. To be taken today because it is agreat wineto try in theimportant occasions, but also capable ofgrow oldover 10 years eto improvein many aspects.For those who always want the best.

When to uncork it

This selection oftimorassorepresents aexcellencenot only corporate, but also a little for the whole Tortona area, a small onenational pride...Make good use of it, with the right company!

How to drink it

Pitassoit's atimorassofromimportant moments.

Thereright temperatureis the one fromtextured white, the too cold distorts it, almost better a few degrees more. Here thechaliceplay a roleimportant: a goodten minutesforopenat best and without fear he will be able to express himself even as a youngster.

Vinification and Aging

ThegrapesI'mcollectedin September,pressedAndfermentedwith its own indigenous yeasts after oneprolonged macerationat very low temperatures.The refinementis exclusively inlarge tubs.


The denomination of theTortona hillsis made up of thirty municipalities located in the south-eastern part of Piedmont, all having acommon denominator: thepredispositiongeologicalAndclimaticto host aviticultureOfhighquality.

Characteristicof all the wines of the Colli Tortonesi DOC is themarked sapidity, due to the clayey-marly soils, which transfer salts to the grapes and consequently to the winecharacteristicsunique. The wines obtained, thanks to their particular minerality, present strongpredisposition to aging, even in the case ofwhites.


The vineyards are located at about 300 meters above sea level on the Tortona Hills, on soils made up of clay and sand.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Timorasso
Degrees: 14.5
Format: 0.75
Name: DOC
Year: 2018
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Timorasso
Colour: Yellow
Peculiarities: Potente
Reference: 721320
Allergeni: Solfiti