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The Rosato Ciliegiolo wine: elegance and freshness from the heart of Italy

The Rosato Ciliegiolo wins over wine lovers with its elegance, freshness and fruity character. Let's discover together the characteristics of this wine on the portal.

The origins of Ciliegiolo rosé wine

The Rosato Ciliegiolo wine has origins in central Italy, in particular in the region of Tuscany. This wine is obtained from the native Ciliegiolo vine, known for its elegance and freshness.

Characteristics of the Ciliegiolo rosé wine

The Rosato Ciliegiolo wine stands out for its soft pink colour, its fruity fragrance and its lively taste. It offers a bouquet of aromas of cherry, strawberry and wild berries, with a light spicy note. In the mouth, it has a pleasant acidity, a medium body and a pleasant persistence. This wine is ideal to be enjoyed as an aperitif, to be combined with fish dishes, salads, appetizers and light summer dishes.

The production area

Ciliegiolo Rosato wine is mainly produced in different wine areas of Tuscany, such as Maremma, Chianti and the Lake Bolsena area. These territories, with their Mediterranean climate and mineral-rich soils, help to give the wine its unique character.

The producing cellars

In Tuscany, numerous wineries are passionately dedicated to the production of Ciliegiolo Rosato wine. Cantina Morisfarms, Cantina Le Pupille and Cantina Fattoria Le Mortelle are just some of the renowned wineries that produce high quality rosés using the Ciliegiolo grape variety.

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