List of products by brand CANTINE LEONARDO DA VINCI

The Leonardo da Vinci cellars were born in 1961 from the will of the owners of thirty farms who decided to join forces to face the problems that arose in the aftermath of the crumbling of the sharecropping system. It is a cooperative society which in 1965 has its first harvest, which is followed by the simple transformation and sale of bulk wine. In the following years, encouraged by the successes obtained, the decision matured to expand the offer of wines by diverting attention to bottled products in general, and to quality wines in particular.

The headquarters is, still today, the historical one, restructured and enlarged. In fact, the Leonardo Cellars are located in the municipal area of Vinci, just five kilometers from the birthplace of the genius Leonardo. Today the Leonardo da Vinci cellars are an avant-garde, innovative and modern cooperative, which can count on the work and production of grapes contributed to the company by 160 members.