Baccabianca 2012 - Tenuta Grillo
  • Baccabianca 2012 - Tenuta Grillo
  • Baccabianca 2012 - Tenuta Grillo


Baccabianca 2016 - Tenuta Grillo



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Baccabianca of Tenuta Grilloit's aWhite winefrom the table and for this reason - as a table wine - according to the competent Authorities, I cannot reveal to you precisely which grape variety it is.

I can only tell you that it is a tale ofWhite grapesmore cultivated in the real Alexandrian, according to the vision of a producer with a free and unconventional hand.

An “almost difficult” wine because it goes against the trend of producing white wines that are “easy” to drink and immediate.

In fact we are talking about awhite texture,intense colorand above all ofaging. But you will be surprised by the combination potential and pleasantness of such a particular sip.

Why you should drink it

The manufacturerGuido Zampaglionand started making wine with his family in Campania and then moved toPiedmont, where they are producedpolite, dolcetto, barbera,starting the projectGrillo Estatewith his wife Igiea Adami.

In this wine thewhite grapesthey are vinified almost like red wines, so throughlong macerations(with thepeelseigrape seedsleft for a long time in contact with themust, giving color and intensity), long aging before commercial release and no chemical intervention, not even sulfur dioxide, the only preservative allowed even in the natural world.

A white dressed in red, a wine to try absolutely!

When to uncork it

Eye,it is not the classic transparent white, is a Guido Zampaglione wine!

Baccabianca of Tenuta Grilloit is a wine to be approached in small sips: the color, the aromas, the flavor will take you elsewhere. Without fear on days when inspiration is needed for new challenges.

How to drink it

Get that bottle out of the fridgeand nobody gets hurt!

This wine should be kept in a cool, never cold place.

Drink it like a red.

Vinification and Aging

THEmacerated whitesthey are produced from white grapesvinifiedin red, or thepeelsand the pips are left inmacerationwith themust.


Full provinceAlexandrine, a plateau in the middle of the plain, a courtyard surrounded by vineyards. A reality sought and desired by Guido and Igiea at the beginning of the 2000s where you can breathe an atmosphere of other times.


Hilly sandy soils characterize this corner ofAlto Monferrato, continental climate with large changes in temperature between day and night.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Courteous
Degrees: 12.0
Format: 0.75
Name: VDT
Year: 2016
Philosophy: Natural winemaker
Typology: Table wine
Colour: Orange
When to drink it: Appetizer,Home invitation
Peculiarities: Macerato
Reference: 721585
Allergeni: Solfiti