Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva Docg 2018 - Torre Alle Tolfe
  • Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva Docg 2018 - Torre Alle Tolfe


Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva Docg 2018 - Torre Alle Tolfe




A nicevinone: it's aChianti Riserva 100% Sangiovese, born of aselectionof thebetter plotswith theolder vineyards.

Awine"old style", Not so drinkable, with aworkOfmacerationAnduse of barrelfor theaging. AChianti Riserva docg"I live”, Which in a short time - with thecorrect chalice- will knowchangeand give youdifferent shadesshowing all hisfacets.

Thewinemorerepresentativeof the Tuscan companyTorre alle Tolfe.

Why you should drink it

Why is it aimportant wine, coming from one of themost beautiful terroirsAndknownto the world and from the work of awinemakerthat haswrittentherehistory of Chianti.

Interestingfor nature.

Aging potential: you can also keep it in the cellar for 5 or even 10 years ewill not betray you.

When to uncork it

TheChianti Riserva docg of Torre alle Tolfeand theholiday wineand ofgreat occasions. Of course, you can also drink it every day, if your intentions are to make onebeautiful figureand bring to the table aexcellent bowl.

How to drink it

Remember tomatch usof thedishes up to par, substantial, preferably made up of meat and cheeses. No salads and soups, please.

To give theright breathand know all thenuancesof thisChianti Riserva docg, use a nicelarge chalice.

Vinification and Aging

Collection ofgrapestofull maturityat the end of September,fermentation in cementand nextrefinementpart in concrete and part inlarge barrels.


We are at the gates of the city of Siena. The hilly position of thevineyards(330 m above sea level) guarantees agood ventilationwith adry microclimateat aboutscrews.


The soils enjoy gooddrainage quality, with a rather high sand content (sandstone rock).

A surprising component of the soils is the presence of marine life, beach pebbles and sea shells.

village: Italy
region: Tuscany
Grape variety: Sangiovese
Degrees: 14.0
Format: 0.75
Name: DOCG
Year: 2018
Philosophy: Natural winemaker
Typology: Chianti
Colour: Red
Peculiarities: Natural
Reference: 792110
Allergeni: Solfiti