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Cinque Terre Sciachetrà Doc Demi 0.375L - Cinqueterre Vinové Winery CINQUETERRE WINERY
  • Cinque Terre Sciachetr√† Doc Demi 0.375L - Cinqueterre Vinov√© Winery CINQUETERRE WINERY


Cinque Terre Sciachetrà Doc Demi 0.375L - Cantina Cinqueterre

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If there is a white wine that is the symbol of the Cinque Terre , that is Sciacchetrà .

A rare wine of very limited production : it is obtained from the Bosco , Vermentino and Albarola grapes , appropriately chosen and left for a long time to dry on the racks in the shade , therefore protected from the direct action of sunlight . The concentration of sugars dictated by the drying allows to obtain a golden yellow nectar with decisive amber reflections . The scent is broad and persistent , with elegant hints of apricot and acacia honey . Its sweet taste , never cloying , is always mitigated by a slight sapidity , with expressive notes of rare finesse and personality .

Why you should drink it

Because each place has its own specialty , and each of these tells a glimpse of its culture .

Lo Schiacchetrà is just that : the meticulous choice , the waiting and the hard work to obtain a limited number of high quality bottles . And Liguria and its inhabitants are a bit like that: careful and to be discovered ... but with many beautiful surprises waiting for you !

When to uncork it

In Liguria , traditionally it goes well with " Pandolce Genovese ", cantucci and dry pastries in general. But if you are not in the area, it is also excellent with mature and blue cheeses .

How to drink it

Grab a glass and pour the Sciacchetr√† DOC from the Cinque Terre winery . But I recommend: serve it at 16 ¬į C.

Vinification and Aging

Obtained from selected 60% forest grapes , 30% vermentino and 10% albarola harvested ripe and left to dry for two months on the racks in the air but covered . After the hand-made de- stemming , the grapes ferment slowly for a few months . This is followed by 5 years of maturation on the fine lees .


A small area , about 15 km of coastline with a difference in height of 700 meters , which includes land in the municipalities of Monterosso , Vernazza , Riomaggiore and partly La Spezia .

The vines - mainly Bosco , Albarola and Vermentino - are planted in the characteristic terraces created with backfill and supported with dry stone walls built by man with centuries-old work.


The soil is loose , sandy , rich in skeleton .

village: Italy
region: Liguria
Grape variety: Vermentino,Woods,Albarola
Degrees: 14.5
Format: 0.375
Name: DOC
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Passito
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: After dinner
Peculiarities: Artisan
Reference: 695420
Allergeni: Solfiti