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Malvasia Delle Lipari Doc 2016 0.5 - Colosi Vinové COLOSI
  • Malvasia Delle Lipari Doc 2016 0.5 - Colosi Vinov√© COLOSI


Malvasia Delle Lipari Doc 2021 0.5 - Colosi

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Called "Nectar of the Gods" by Diodoro Siculo, in the fourth century BC, Malvasia delle Lipari is a sweet wine , produced with Malvasia grapes , and a small part of Corinto Nero , from the island of Salina in the Aeolian archipelago .

Modern technologies in symbiosis with the millenary Aeolian tradition , manage to give Malvasia delle Lipari a particular fragrance which, combined with a warm and velvety taste, make it one of the most excellent dessert wines.

This Malvasia has a golden yellow colour, an aromatic odor with a scent of honey , eucalyptus , ripe apricots , a warm and harmonious flavour.

Why you should drink it

Because every place has its own specialty , and each of these tells a glimpse of its culture .

Malvasia di Colosi is just that: a small pearl that contains all the strength of wind-powered viticulture , from the meticulous choice, the waiting and the hard work to obtain a limited number of high quality bottles .

When to uncork it

To be accompanied by blue cheeses or dry pastries , it is always an excellent wine for relaxation when you need to "meditate".

Perfect to uncork immediately but you can also let it rest in the cellar to discover its evolution.

How to drink it

To be served at 18 degrees, therefore not cold .

Vinification and Aging

The vinification takes place in steel as well as the first refinement, followed by a second of 4 months in the bottle .


The Colosi company, with its 10 hectares of vineyards between Capo Faro and Porri , is among the most representative producers of the island of Salina, the area is considered among the best both for exposure and for the chemical- soil physics of volcanic origin.

The vineyards were planted in terraces by restoring the old dry stone walls and include the vines typical of the Mediterranean island viticulture.


Soils of volcanic origin, composed of sands and lava stones , particularly draining and rich in minerals , with a conformation that forces heroic viticulture.

village: Italy
region: Sicily
Grape variety: Malvasia of Lipari
Degrees: 13.0
Format: 0.5
Name: DOC
Year: 2021
Philosophy: Conventional
Typology: Passito
Colour: Amber
When to drink it: After dinner
Peculiarities: Soft
Reference: 695610
Allergeni: Solfiti