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Liguria Di Levante Passito Bianco Dop The Enterprising 2018 Demi 0.375L - Ca Du Ferra 'Vinové CA DU
  • Liguria Di Levante Passito Bianco Dop The Enterprising 2018 Demi 0.375L - Ca Du Ferra 'Vinov√© CA DU


Liguria Di Levante Passito Bianco Dop L'Intraprendente 2018 Demi 0.375L - Ca Du Ferra'

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The Enterprisingit's asweet wine- apassito- obtained according totraditional Ligurian method,grapestowhole bunchleavemature long(at least three months) before beingdestemmed by handand thereforepressed. This processing serves afavortherewater lossin favor of the concentration ofsugarsandextract.

In short,the Enterprising of Cà du Ferràit is a real gem producedhandcraftedfrom heroic agriculture in the paradise ofFive lands.

THEprotagonistsof thisgreat interpretationI'mDavide ZoppiAndGiuseppe Aieta, a young couple who aBonassola, on the Ligurian coast, has decided to tell thetraditionsand thecultureof "our" land.

Enterprising, in particular, is David,stubborn producerwho got agreat resultwith tenacity and a lot of work, following oneclear vision: to produceuncompromising wine.

Why you should drink it

Because you will have the chance to taste one of thefew bottlesdeThe Enterprising, whoseproductioncountsa few hundredof samples.

When we talk aboutFive landsin fact, we always talk about expressionsuniqueAndrare, born from arugged territory,hard, but whatgives immense satisfaction.

ThispassitoOfCà du Ferràunitesfascinating scents, betweeniodineandherbs, to adetailed sipAndcomplexOfinfinite shadesand most importantly for isweet wines,never cloying, playing right onmarine aspect.

When to uncork it

Open this upEnterprising of Cà du Ferràin a mannerclassicalat the end of the meal.

With high-level pastry, they can be achievedmoments of true enjoyment, especially when sweetness is needed.

How to drink it

Fresh, never cold!

The Enterprisingit's amultifaceted wine, come onperfumesAndcomplex flavors, therefore theequilibriumintemperatureplays an important role: the colder it will be silent, too hot it will have a marked sweet tendency.

Vinification and Aging

Collectionin late summer, iwhole bunchesare left towitherfor at least three months. THEbunchesI'mshelledtobut noAndcrushed, L'refinementis insteel.


We are in one of theframesmoresuggestivein the world,Riomaggioreon the coasts ofCinque Terre in Liguria, where is theterroirknows how to express himself in a unique way throughsavory winesAndMediterranean.


Variouscharacteristic; of compositionclayey, tomedium mixture, Ofvolcanic origin.

village: Italy
region: Liguria
Grape variety: Vermentino,Woods,Albarola
Degrees: 13.5
Format: 0.375
Name: DOP
Year: 2018
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Passito
Colour: Amber
When to drink it: To indulge yourself
Peculiarities: Artisan
Reference: 695530
Allergeni: Solfiti