Colline Di Levanto Vermentino Dop Shimmering 2020 - Ca Du Ferra 'Vinové CA DU FERRA'
  • Colline Di Levanto Vermentino Dop Shimmering 2020 - Ca Du Ferra 'Vinov√© CA DU FERRA'


Colline Di Levanto Vermentino Dop Luccicante 2022 - Ca Du Ferra'




Luccicante di Cà du Ferrà is a white wine from the Ligurian Riviera di Levante , more precisely from Bonassola , in the province of La Spezia .

It is in this characteristic Ligurian village that Antonio Zoppi and Aida Forgione decide to start growing vines , buying numerous vineyards over the years, but limiting themselves to selling the grapes to the social cooperative.

The turning point comes when Davide Zoppi , the son of Antonio and Aida , decides to take over the reins of the family business together with his partner Giuseppe Aieta.

Their commitment is driven by the great dream of enhancing the territory through viticulture and the production of great wines . From that moment, in fact, Cà du Ferrà begins a variation of the route : a cellar is built for the vinification of the grapes and a great work of conversion to organic takes place.

The result of their efforts is Shimmering , in name and in fact .

A great Vermentino in purity of impact , able to evolve optimally over time towards a fine complexity .

Shimmering by Cà du Ferrà is a taut wine , with a marked salinity , rich in that typical fatness of the Vermentino grape .

A tale of Vermentino which, left to mature for at least a year in the bottle, slowly widens , elbowed , taking on completely complex aromas of exotic and mineral fruits.

We can certainly say that Davide and Giuseppe 's dream of making a great wine is certainly a reality today .

Why you should drink it

Shimmering by Cà du Ferrà is not just a wine , but the fruit of the passion of its producer for the territory in which it is born .

A Vermentino vinified with a modern concept , without however resorting to maceration : taut and sharp , but with great structure and fatness . A Vermentino definitely worth trying , because in addition to being tasty and interesting , it is the representation of an unknown Liguria .

When to uncork it

Shimmering by Cà du Ferrà is a lively , changeable wine.

If what you want is an impactful wine , played on hardness , with great acidity and salinity , drink it within its first year of life .

If you are fascinated by complex wines and fine nuances , let it refine in the bottle for at least a year before tasting it.

If you are interested in understanding its evolution and being an active part of it , get two bottles : one to drink immediately and one to keep in the cellar !

I personally recommend the third option ;)

How to drink it

You are faced with a dry , fatty white wine: drink it chilled !

Imagine : you beautifully relaxed on a deckchair, with the warm warmth of the sun on your face, the glass in your hand and next to you an ice bucket with the Cà du Ferrà Shimmering . And it's summer right away .

Vinification and Aging

After the harvest , the grapes undergo a short skin maceration (suitable for the extraction of aromas), which is followed by direct pressing . After pressing , the must is decanted : only the clear part will then be fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature . The wine is soon bottled , to be placed on the market less than a year after the harvest.


We are located on the hills of Levanto , in the province of La Spezia . A succession of terraces that look straight in the face of the Mediterranean Sea , which are reflected in it, kissed by the sun that the salt water reflects.


Various soils: clayey composition, medium-textured , of volcanic origin .

village: Italy
region: Liguria
Grape variety: Vermentino
Degrees: 13.5
Format: 0.75
Name: DOP
Year: 2022
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Vermentino
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Romantic evening
Peculiarities: Savory
Reference: 737420
Allergeni: Solfiti