Pratoasciutto 2006 - Tenuta Grillo
  • Pratoasciutto 2006 - Tenuta Grillo


Pratoasciutto 2007 - Tenuta Grillo




Dry lawnit's aRed winefrom the table and for this reason - as a table wine - according to the competent Authorities, I cannot reveal to you precisely which grape variety it is.

But I can tell you it's a deep sipPiedmontese, single-variety with a strong character, which follows the local tradition whereby the best grapes harvested with very low harvest yields (to have an absolute quality of the bunches) are selected for wines with a long aging.

In short, thisDry lawn2006 is a wine of the Madonna.

Why you should drink it

To taste an excellentmature winewithout having to spend a lot of moneywith the labels of the "big names".

Igiea and Guido Zampaglione leadGrillo Estatesince 2002 where, after long years of research, they find this corner of paradise to produce wines with character, long aging, without compromise with a rigorously artisanal production. Using the typical grapes of the place: dolcetto, barbera, cortese.

Dry lawn2006 of Tenuta Grillo is arustic wineof great strength andtannin(the astringent part on the palate) that time rounds but never tames. To try.

When to uncork it

When you want to surprise friends with aaged wine, of great vitality and temper, which does not come from the usual famous vines or from a territory as famous as Langa and Tuscany. It will be the surprise of the evening.

How to drink it

Dry lawnit's awinewhich is allowed slowly, in small sips.

It should be uncorked and enjoyed in its phases: being aaged wine, it needs some time to oxygenate, expand in the glass and therefore give the best of itself.

If you drink it with friends, give it at least half an hour, uncork and leave the bottle open, then in a large glass it will hit everyone.

Vinification and Aging

Guido's "recipe" providesripe grapes, vinified without the addition of yeasts withlong macerationsto have maximum extraction and concentration, refinements inlarge wooden barrelsand a long time inrefinement in the bottle.


FullAlessandria province, a plateau in the middle of the plain, a courtyard surrounded by vineyards. A reality sought and desired by Guido and Igiea at the beginning of the 2000s where you can breathe an atmosphere of other times.


Sandy hilly soils characterize this corner of Alto Monferrato, a continental climate with large temperature changes between day and night.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Trick
Degrees: 13.5
Format: 0.75
Name: VDT
Year: 2007
Philosophy: Natural winemaker
Typology: Table wine
Colour: Red
When to drink it: In front of the fireplace
Peculiarities: Natural
Reference: 721575
Allergeni: Solfiti