La Volpe 2019 - Forti Del Vento
  • La Volpe 2019 - Forti Del Vento


La Volpe 2020 - Forti Del Vento




La Volpe from Forti del Ventoit's aRed wineofAlto Monferrato, more precisely ofCastelletto d'Orba, the Ovada area closest to Alessandria.

MarcoAndTomaso- ifacesand theessenceOfForts of the Wind- they are not wine makers, but godsreal winemakers: guys thatthey believe in the territoryin which they grew up and in its potential and that is why they decided todo not intervenewithchemical productsAndadditivesneither in the vineyard nor in the cellar,limiting itself to accompanying nature in its becoming.

The Foxand theclassic exampleOfnatural wine.

La Volpe from Forti del Ventoit's awinefrom thegreat vineOvadaforexcellencein purity not very intense and fromgreat drinkwho manages toconquereverylover of drinking in company.Short macerationAndrefinementnot excessive.

In short,a simple but vital sip.

Why you should drink it

If you areone of those to whomlike to drink simpleAndcarefreeand you still haven't looked at theworld of natural wines, youadviseOfstart from this: will make youunderstandtherepleasantnessof agenuine product.

If, on the other hand, you have already enteredin obsessionof thenatural wines, this is theright winefromdrink rivers.

When to uncork it

When youthey addto theWhatsapp group"Grigliatona between bomber"Make up your mind tobring the wineAndchoose a crateOfThe FoxOfForts of the Wind: theperfect bottlefor aday in company. I assure you that tooconsumedinlittle modest quantities, theday afteryouyou will wake upalmostfresh as a flower.

Almost, come on.

How to drink it

Drink it freshAndyoung, Comets.

But above all, drink itthoughtless:keep calm and drinkThe Fox.

Vinification and Aging

Afterthereharvestis donefermentAndrestsincellarforabout a yearinsteel containers. After beingbottledrest furtherin the bottle before being placed on the market.

To wineno sulphites are addedand thefermentationtakes placethanks to natural yeastsnot selected.It is not carried outanyclarificationorfiltration.


We are inAlto Monferrato, toCastelletto d'Orba, inAlbarola Valley, in the province of Alessandria.

Forts of the Windhereowns seven hectaresOfvineyardsonhilly terrainabout300 meters of altitude, which cultivates in fullrespect for natureinbiodynamic regime:no use of chemicalsAndsafeguarding biodiversity.


Landclear clay loam, withoutcropping marls.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Trick
Degrees: 13.0
Format: 0.75
Name: VDT
Year: 2020
Philosophy: Natural winemaker
Typology: Trick
Colour: Red
When to drink it: Daily glass
Peculiarities: Natural
Reference: 720355
Allergeni: Solfiti