Liguria Di Levante Igt Ithaa 2019 - The Gravel Vinové THE GRAVEL
  • Liguria Di Levante Igt Ithaa 2019 - The Gravel Vinové THE GRAVEL


Liguria Di Levante Igt Ithaa 2021 - Tenuta La Ghiaia



IthaaOfLa Ghiaia Estateit's amacerated white winefrom theLigurian Riviera di Levante, more precisely of the municipality ofSarzana, in the province ofSpice.

Ataleofmost cultivated grapein Liguria - thevermentino- view frompassionate eyefrom theproducer Olivia Lottiand his young team.

Despite being in effect a "orange wine"- awhite wine macerated on the skins-IthaaOfLa Ghiaia EstateYespresentsin the glass with agolden yellow color, Andnot deep orangeas we would expect. Thisparticularity is givenfrom thevery long contact with the skinsduring the vinification, about6 months.

In fact, you must know that thetransfer of colorfrom peel to winereacheshismaximumafter approx20-30 days of maceration,after thatthecolorhe comesreabsorbedfrom the peel, thatgo onhowever agive off flavor and aroma. Theresultis a wine fromgolden color with character and structure.

In short,Ithaaof Tenuta La Ghiaia is abrilliant offbeat macerated whiteAndcharacter, thatyou knowhowsqueezethe bestparticularityof histerritoryand thetechniquesof herproduction.

Why you should drink it

IthaaOfLa Ghiaia Estateit is not the classic Ligurian white wine, butan interpretationpersonalAndsentimentalof thevermentino.

It is a wine thatknows the potential of his grape varietyand that arises theaim to develop them to the fullest, thanks toinnovative techniquesin the cellar and to arespectful regimefrom thenature in the vineyard.

A whole wineparticularand ofappealin whichacidity and flavorthey find theirsperfect balance.

When to uncork it

When you're a whoto herbal teas he prefers a nice glass of wineto accompany his afternoon readings. Pour yourself a niceglassOfIthaaand readsThe old Man and the SeaOfHemingway, enjoy the sea breeze and flip the finish.

How to drink it

IthaaOfLa Ghiaia Estateit's amacerated white wine, for this reason I advise you not to drink it frozen, but to onecool temperature.

Excellent when young, butalso predisposed to aging: witha few yearsOfrefinementinbottlewill be able to extractnuancesandevolutionsaltogetherdetailsAndinteresting.

Vinification and Aging

After the harvest, thegrapes are pressed without stalksand doneferment on the skinswithuseof sunsindigenous yeaststouncontrolled temperatureinconcrete eggsnot vitrified. The non-vitrification of the tankallowsamicro oxygenationof wine, while hisegg shapeallowsspontaneous and natural battonage.

Afteralcoholic fermentationthepeelsare leftin contactwith wine forfurther two months, after which arefinementof about8 monthsinOak barrels.


We are located inSarzana, inprovinceOfSpice. Here thefather of the producer,Luciano Lotti, buy in70'sthe firstvineyardsOfvermentino.

To date they are5thehectares of propertyof the Lotti family, which over time - thanks to hard research work -they gave spaceto plants ofseveral indigenous grape varietiesof the Lunigiana (includingblack vermentino,albarolaAndwhite malvasia), coming to have arather large clonal heritage.


The 5 hectares owned by the company are located on onePlainswhich was once a river bed. For this reason we find agravelly ground- as the company name implies -skeletal and full of pebbles.

village: Italy
region: Liguria
Grape variety: Vermentino
Degrees: 12.0
Format: 0.75
Name: IGT
Year: 2021
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Vermentino
Colour: Orange
When to drink it: Dinner with friends
Peculiarities: Macerato
Reference: 734830
Allergeni: Solfiti