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Spumante Brut Rugrè - La Scolca Vinové LA SCOLCA
  • Spumante Brut Rugr√® - La Scolca Vinov√© LA SCOLCA


Spumante Brut Rugrè - La Scolca

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We are located in Gavi, in the province of Alessandria: here, in Rovereto di Gavi Ligure, are the vineyards from which the Rugr√® comes to life, which literally means ‚Äúoak wood‚ÄĚ.

The Rugrè of the La Solca winery is a young sparkling wine with low pressure, which makes it fresh and light. The color is light straw yellow, the aromas are delicate and dry, floral and fruity.

Why you should drink it

Because La Scolca's Rugrè is a young sparkling wine!

It is a vintage wine that stands out for having preserved the characteristic aromas and flavors of the grapes and must and trustworthy ... Wines like this, they are worth trying!

When to uncork it

Have they invited you to dinner and you don't know what to bring? Rugrè by La Scolca is the perfect wine for this occasion.

This sparkling wine , in fact, is particularly suitable to accompany both an aperitif and for light lunches and dinners, but it is also excellent to sip after a meal: the important thing is to drink it in company!

How to drink it

The serving temperature is 8 ¬į C maximum 10 ¬į C, in a tall and tapered glass that keeps the perlage alive.

Vinification and Aging

It is produced between winter and spring with the typical cuvè close process ( Martinotti method ) with a short stay on the lees .


We are located in the territory of Gavi, near Novi Ligure, in the province of Alessandria.


Clayey soil.

village: Italy
region: Piedmont
Grape variety: Courteous
Degrees: 12.0
Format: 0.75
Philosophy: Conventional
Typology: Gavi
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Appetizer
Peculiarities: Brut bubbles
Reference: 692570
Allergeni: Solfiti