Colli Piacentini Gutturnio Superiore Doc 2018 - Luretta Vinové LURETTA
  • Colli Piacentini Gutturnio Superiore Doc 2018 - Luretta Vinové LURETTA


Colli Piacentini Gutturnio Superiore Doc 2021 - Luretta




Luretta is a company located in the Colli Piacentini and here it produces iconic wines, able to tell a territory beyond its borders. This Gutturnio Superiore represents the wine of the local tradition .

From the name of an ancient Roman vase used for pouring the wine itself during banquets, Gutturnio is recognized for the uniqueness of its flavors that move between the fresh tenacity of Barbera and the red power of Bonarda .

In the glass it is intense red, the nose stands out the hints of ripe fruit and spices, while in the mouth it is soft with hints of red fruits.

Why you should drink it

Because this is THE wine of the Colli Piacentini tradition .

Obtained from the simultaneous fermentation of Barbera and Croatina grapes , this wine will be able to tell you about the history, culture and work of a cellar that, by getting involved, has been able to create wines to be discovered.

When to uncork it

Cantine Luretta's Gutturnio Superiore is the perfect wine to uncork during a meal: they offer you a rich appetizer made of cured meats, cheeses and Italian delicacies, or dishes based on red or white meat.

In short, Gutturnio Superiore is that wine that you must have in your cellar ready at the first available opportunity!

How to drink it

The ideal serving temperature is 16°C.

Vinification and Aging

This Gutturnio ferments for a long time with its own skins and then refines exclusively in Barrique.


We are located in the cellars of Castello di Momeliano, in the province of Piacenza.


The soils are made up of clayey-silty fluvial deposits and calcareous marls.

village: Italy
region: Emilia Romagna
Grape variety: Barbera,Croatina
Degrees: 13.5
Format: 0.75
Name: DOC
Year: 2021
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Gutturnio
Colour: Red
When to drink it: Game dinner
Peculiarities: Artisan
Reference: 787355
Allergeni: Solfiti