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Verona Rosso Igt Campofiorin 2018 - Masi Vinové MASI
  • Verona Rosso Igt Campofiorin 2018 - Masi Vinov√© MASI


Verona Rosso Igt Campofiorin 2018 - Masi

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The Rosso Campofiorin IGT from Cantina Masi is an excellent representation of the terroir and history of Veneto!

Created from Corvina , Rondinella and Molinara grapes and following techniques inspired by the double fermentation of Amarone , the result is a wine of great character and structure.

Poured into the glass, the color is intense ruby, with a beautiful brightness and consistency. The nose is rich and juicy with notes of cherry, strawberry and plum that leave room for notes of undergrowth, cinchona and tobacco, and then turn to sweeter notes of candied orange and close with a nice mentholated finish. The sip is complex, soft, well balanced by a good freshness that leaves pleasant balsamic sensations.

Why you should drink it

But have you ever drunk a wine made from Corvina 70% , Rondinella 25% and Molinara 5% ?

Because if the answer is "no" then you have to fix it, but if it is "yes" then you will agree with us that this wine is always ready there.

A rich, round and velvety wine , cordial and eclectic ... In short, how many other adjectives do we have to write to make you understand that such a wine from the Masi house should be absolutely tried?

When to uncork it

Whether you want to eat pasta with rich sauces (meat or mushrooms), important red meats, grilled or roasted, game or with aged cheeses ... In short, this wine, however it goes, is always good to have it at home!

Imagine that you want a good glass to sip on the sofa or you have to organize an elegant last minute lunch: Rosso Campofiorin IGT will be there ready to save you from any kind of situation.

How to drink it

The best serving temperature for drinking this wine is 18 ¬į C.

Vinification and Aging

Vinification at controlled temperature in steel . Aging 18 months in barriques and large casks.


The Masi vineyards are located in the hills north of Verona, protected by the previous Alpine chain and benefiting from the lacustrine influence of Lake Garda.


The soils have a very high explorable depth, with an increasing texture along the profile, from moderately fine to coarse, with abundant skeleton. Soils poorly calcareous on the surface, but very calcareous in depth.

village: Italy
region: Veneto
Grape variety: Corvina,Rondinella,other vines
Degrees: 13.0
Format: 0.75
Name: IGT
Year: 2018
Philosophy: Conventional
Typology: Valpolicella
Colour: Red
When to drink it: Appetizer
Peculiarities: Soft
Reference: 778180
Allergeni: Solfiti