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Rossese Di Dolceacqua Doc Beragna 2020 - Ka Mancine Vinové KA MANCINE
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Rossese Di Dolceacqua Doc Beragna 2023 - Ka Mancine

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TheRossese di Dolceacqua Beragna by Ka * Mancinéit's aRed wineOfmedium bodyproduced in the extreme west of Liguria, towards the French border, in the hinterland of the famous coast of Sanremo, where theRossese grapebecomes absolutehero.

Beragnait's avineyardin the municipality of Soldano, a spectacular amphitheater with age-old plantssecular.

"MancinèIs not the simple label of onebottle, but tells thehistoryof the family of Maurizio Anfosso - the producer of this Beragna - authentic, always linked to these border lands.

One ofpeculiaritiesto know about thiswineconcerns the so-called "nomerances", Or of thegeographical mentionsadditionalwhich are applied to therosseseand officially recognized by the specification: perenhancetheRossese grapeand the territory ofDolceacqua, someproducers- including Maurizio Anfosso - have devised onemappingto keep track ofvineyardshistorical, so you can specify them inlabel.Beragnais one of the nomerancesmore celebrated.

Why you should drink it

Therosseseit's agrape varietythat givestransversal wines, capable in thefranknessto be at the same timeeasy to drinkhow muchcomplexAndrichOfcontents.

Beragnait is probably thebestinterpretationof this type of rossese that I can recommend:fruity(fresh scentsOfCherryAndStrawberry) butneverbanalorsimpleton, a wineto be ableOfto surprise.

When to uncork it

ThisbottleOfKa * Mancinécontains awinedailyfor thepleasantnessAndcarefreeof thesipbut also ideal for more occasionsimportant. We said it: it is a wine that is good for all seasons.

How to drink it

TheRosseseOfDolceacquaBeragnaOfKa*Mancinéit's awinefrommatchto any dish of Ligurian cuisine - tradition always puts it hand in hand with stewed goat - but able to impress your diners in combination with fish.

Vinification and Aging

FermentsAndrefinein steel tanks, then a few months inbottle.


We are located in the extreme west of Liguria, in the first hilly area of Soldano, the first hinterland overlooking the Maritime Alps, where thevineyardsthey are allterracedand with a high average age.

The scenario is that of a Ligurian amphitheater shaped on cliffs between the mountains and the sea with slopes that reach 60% when delimited by dry stone walls.


Rugged terraced land - the classic "bands" - held back by dry stone walls.

They are terraces supported by dry stone walls at an altitude of 300 meters with a cooler exposure to the North-East.

village: Italy
region: Liguria
Grape variety: Rossese
Degrees: 13.5
Format: 0.75
Name: DOC
Year: 2023
Philosophy: Wine craftsman
Typology: Rossese di Dolceacqua
Colour: Red
When to drink it: Fish dinner
Peculiarities: Artisan
Reference: 732210
Allergeni: Solfiti