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Saladero - Primaterra Vinové PRIMATERRA WALTER DE BATTE'
  • Saladero - Primaterra Vinov√© PRIMATERRA WALTER DE BATTE'


Saladero - Primaterra

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" Saladero " by Walter de Battè is an intense , complex , broad and above all Mediterranean white wine, characterized by a bright flavor. It has aromas of aromatic herbs, honey, citrus fruits, straw and flint and a soft, velvety and enveloping sip. It is produced from the assembly of coastal plots with maceration to enhance the mineral and salty notes.

This is a special wine: during the winemaking process, no chemical or synthetic products are used , all to enhance the grapes coming from vineyards with very limited yields due to the impervious terrain.

Walter De Battè is a true artisan of the Cinque Terre, he passionately cultivates 3.5 hectares of land on steep hills, using native varieties such as Vermentino , Albarola and Bosco , coming from vineyards that have reached the incredible age of 80 years.

Once poured into the glass, the "Saladero" reveals itself with a suggestive , broad and Mediterranean aromatic bouquet , with inebriating hints of medicinal herbs, citrus fruits, honey, dry straw and flint. When tasted, the wine manifests itself as a soft and velvety embrace for the palate, which is delicately enveloped. Then, a lively flavor emerges, reminiscent of the sea breezes that caress the grapes. "Saladero" is a wine of extraordinary complexity that combines the character of the territory, craftsmanship and elegance .

Why you should drink it

Saladero is not only unique, but as I already told you, it is also in danger of extinction ! Hurry!

A wine that leaves its mark.

When to uncork it

Saladero is unique, it really has salt in its veins, a rare wine like this should be uncorked when you just want the sea , turn on the radio, put "Mare" by Ex-Otago at full volume and uncork Saladero, in a second you're in vacation.

How to drink it

A white wine with maceration and complexity should almost be used like a red wine, keep it in a cool place, a cellar at 12 degrees would be the best, otherwise just before uncorking it, half an hour in the fridge and the time to prepare the table will be at optimal temperature.

Vinification and refinement

The grapes harvested at full maturity are destemmed and fermented with the skins for at least 8 days, there is no addition of yeasts or stabilizing elements . The wine obtained undergoes a long period sur lie , on its yeasts in order to obtain the desired and unique complexity of Saladero.

A skilful use of decanting and oxygen creates Saladero's Debatteian magic.


We are on the Ligurian coasts of the East, the winery is located in the small village of Campiglia while the Saladero project was born on the coasts of Montaretto , on the hills between Bonassola and Levanto . Coasts kissed by the sun and sea breezes.


Coastal terraces overlooking the sea , characterized by soils with a large skeleton , and very little earthy layer, the result? Grapes of great depth for strongly characterized wines!

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Reference: CLUB-04
Allergeni: Solfiti