Sancerre Aoc 2021 - Domaine Chauveau Vinové DOMAINE CHAUVEAU
  • Sancerre Aoc 2021 - Domaine Chauveau Vinové DOMAINE CHAUVEAU


Sancerre Aoc 2021 - Domaine Chauveau



The Sancerre Aoc by Domaine Chauveau is a fresh white 100% Sauvignon Blanc , a wine that expresses the best qualities of Sancerre Sauvignon in an essential and direct way.

It is the perfect label to begin to understand this terroir and to grasp the typical mineral characteristics that the soils give to the wine. A crackling and refined French white , the cellar is located in Saint Andelain, here Domaine Chauveau produces sincere wines, including this Sancerre, for which it is renowned and praised by the press.

This is a very drinkable Sancerre. Fresh, direct, typical expression of the wines of this small area of the Loire . While retaining many varietal characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc, it highlights the mineral nuances that constitute the distinctive trait and stylistic feature of these whites.

Why you should drink it

The right wine to discover the delicacies of the Loire , a white that will conquer sip after sip, constantly growing towards pleasure.

An authentic and didactic expression of the Sauvignon grape, vinified in purity. You don't need many words: let yourself be pampered and conquered by wine .

When to uncork it

If you're craving fish, this Sancerre is the one for you: perfect to pair with lobster , grilled scampi or baked fish .

If you're at home in sofa, relaxation and sushi mode, even better: this wine is the bomb.

How to drink it

To be uncorked nice and fresh , at a temperature of 8°-10°C .

Vinification and refinement

Manual harvest, selected yeasts for induced fermentation. Refinement in steel.


We are in the prestigious wine-growing area of Sancerre , in the Eastern Loire Valley , France . Here the company uses the so-called "raisonnée" or reasoned agriculture , which has at heart respect for the naturalness of the land.

The vineyards, distributed between Maimbray and Sury-en-Vaux , are mostly left grassy to give vigor and liveliness to the soil and to keep the natural biodiversity between the rows alive.


The soil is 80% siliceous clay and 20% clayey limestone .

village: France
region: Loira
Grape variety: Sauvignon
Format: 0.75
Name: AOC
Year: 2021
Philosophy: Maison
Typology: Sauvignon
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Fish dinner
Reference: 818120
Allergeni: Solfiti