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TheColli di Luni Vermentino "Black Label"it's aWhite wineproduced in theeastern partfrom theLiguria, in the province ofSpice, in aterritoryRatherdifferentiatedwithvineyardslocatedfor the most part on the plain of Luni and the first hill.

With a history that starts from the Etruscan import, passes to the Ligurian to the Roman one,the artOf thesevinesis carried out byCellarsLunaeand from hisfounder Paolo Bosoni: withpassionAndtrustfrom thetraditionfamiliar, hasgiven lifeto some of thebestWhite wines,redsAndvermentinoof the regionLiguria.

TheColli di Luni "Black Label"it's astraw yellow wineintensewith lightgolden reflections. To thefresh taste, butdeep, known foreleganceAndfabric: surelyit can not missin your checklist.

Why you should drink it

Surely because there is no better way toknow a land, if nottastingthetypical products. And believe me: theColli di Luni "Black Label"Andthe expressionof therootsof thisglimpse of Liguria.

Imagineelegance, iwildflowers, theherbs, somespicy noteand itiodinerising fromLigurian Sea: now open your eyes,uncork the bottleAndtaste. Tell me if notyou aresippingall of this.

AmpleAndenveloping, onesensationpleasantOffreshnessalready atnoseand that alpalateit provessavory,harmonic,persistent.

When to uncork it

TheColli Di Luni Vermentino Doc "Black Label"it's awinethatsits at the table with youand youaccompaniesin a very goodfish meal.

Furthermore, despite being aWhite, hisfine structureAndsavorywill allow you todarewithdifferent combinations: soups, soups, noble poultry and,if you are in Liguria, also add it to sometypical dishsuch as stockfish or stewed tripe.You will not regret!

How to drink it

Remember we are talking about aWhite,but of structure: to enjoy it at its bestdo not leave it in the fridge to freeze- you risk not tasting the aromas that characterize it. Thiswe like winemore about12 degrees.

Keep it cooland put it infridgerightthe day beforeto uncork it:five minutes earlierto drink it, thentake it outAndpour it upin awide tulip.

Leave himventilateAndtake his space, thenenjoy it calmly.

Vinification and Aging

Thegrapes, exclusivelyVermentino, they comecollectedstrictlyby handhalf September. Therefermentationtakes place instainless steel tankswith amacerationonpeelsfor 48 hours. Thewine refinesthen in the same containers for ashort period, before being bottled.


In acornerbetweenLiguriaAndTuscany, in the midst ofvineyardslocatedbetweentherePlainsand thelowHill, theLigurian Seaand theTyrrhenian Seaoutline, and theSunand theventilationbackground. From here they are bornsavory wines,Mediterraneanand come onhints of the seaAndgenuineness.


Therevarietyranges in45 hectares of landdivided between hills and plains, characterized by very small plots, no larger than 2 or 3 hectares. The composition of the soil is geologically very varied, characterized by skeleton and clayey silt depending on the altitude.

village: Italy
region: Liguria
Grape variety: Vermentino
Degrees: 13.0
Format: 0.75
Name: DOC
Year: 2023
Philosophy: Conventional
Typology: Vermentino
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Fish dinner
Peculiarities: Fruity
Reference: 740540
Allergeni: Solfiti