Classici Circella Vinové Selezioni Circella
  • Classici Circella Vinov√© Selezioni Circella

Wine, a drink very dear to me and with very ancient roots, we are talking about a product with a very strong link to Italian culture, so much so that if you think of a table laden with Italian delicacies, wine is always present. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a red, a white or a sparkling wine, wine is wine, a product that offers heady flavors and that tells the story of its territory and of the producer.

To best encapsulate this concept, here is "Classici Circella", my selection with three fantastic wines that tell a particular vision of three great Italian classics.

Contents of my selection:

Chianti Colli Senesi Docg - Torre Alle Tolfe

Colli Di Luni Vermentino Doc Atys - Tenuta La Ghiaia

Classic Method Blanc De Blancs Chardonnay Principessa - Luretta

When to drink it: Special occasions
Reference: 792105+734820+705220
Allergeni: Solfiti