I created this path to advise you on the right wine.

If you don't know what to drink , I'll guide you. If you are undecided, I will advise you. If you already have clear ideas, put me to the test!

First we drink, then we talk about it. Choose from the following options:

I don't know what to drink. Lead me!

My advice? Start here and I will guide you to discover my favorite bottles.

Special bottles , carefully selected to introduce you to my way of drinking wine, to get passionate and conquer you with a glass that is always stimulating and never banal.

I drink a classic.

Amarone, Brunello, Barolo, ... You already know that you want a classic , thick wine, a real rocket, let us advise you on the labels.

Carefully selected bottles that live up to the big names they carry and your expectations.

Surprise me...

If you are tired of the usual names and you are looking for it is an unexpected wine, which will surprise you and leave you something to tell and reflect on.

Special bottles, carefully selected to leave a mark.

The wines to impress by Matteo Circella


by Matteo Circella


by Matteo Circella


Grilling (very hard)

Fish dinner

Dinner with friends

Romantic evening

To spoil yourself

Home invitation

Special occasions

Formal dinner

Interesting peculiarities

Fine bubbles

Refermented bubbles

Salty bubbles

Bubbles 0 Sugar