Venezia Giulia Bianco Igt Capo Martino 2020 - Jermann Vinové JERMANN
  • Venezia Giulia Bianco Igt Capo Martino 2020 - Jermann Vinové JERMANN


Venezia Giulia Bianco Igt Capo Martino 2020 - Jermann



Jermann's Capo Martino is not just a wine, it is an incredible winemaking adventure thanks to the union of Ribolla Gialla , Istrian Malvasia and Picolit grapes. The name Capo Martino is a tribute to the hill where the grapes grow which, in 1991, gave rise to what Anton Jermann 's heirs baptized as the "little dream, towards a promised land" .

The choice to use Ribolla Gialla and Tocai was obvious for Anton Jermann's great-grandchildren. They are two blends that are symbolic of the local winemaking tradition and an expression of the desire to create a wine that represents the culture of an ancient terroir .

On the nose and palate it swirls with silky grace , without ever losing its remarkable freshness ; as if it were spring water, it is mineral and savory .

Why you should drink it

This is a wine that must be tasted , a splendid white wine that embodies an ancient and magical terroir , winner of the most prestigious titles in world oenology.

A wine capable of communicating the purest soul of Friuli , sip after sip.

When to uncork it

A perfect white to drink on its own, to discover all its specialties, but I also recommend it for a relaxing evening .

At the table it is the favorite companion for all fish-based dishes , without distinction, in short, a wine to always have chilled for when you want to enjoy some seafood dishes.

How to drink it

Store it well in a cool place , at a temperature of 10-12°C.

Vinification and refinement

Brief maceration on the skins, followed by fermentation in wood . The refinement in Slavonian oak barrels lasts for 12-16 months followed by a few months in the bottle.


The vineyards enjoy differentiated exposures ranging from South-East to North-West, in the vineyards of the Villanova di Farra estate.


Composed of prevalent marls and sandstones belonging to the Flyschoid formation of Eocene age.

village: Italy
region: Friuli Venezia Giulia
Grape variety: Friulian,Ribolla,Malvasia,Piccolit
Degrees: 13.5
Format: 0.75
Name: IGT
Year: 2020
Philosophy: Conventional
Typology: Friulian
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Romantic evening
Peculiarities: Soft
Reference: 784525
Allergeni: Solfiti