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Toscana Igt Vermignon 2022 - Lenzini Vinové LENZINI
  • Toscana Igt Vermignon 2022 - Lenzini Vinové LENZINI


Toscana Igt Vermignon 2022 - Lenzini

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When Vermentino grapes meet Sauvignon grapes here is "Vermignon" by Tenuta Lenzini , a fresh Tuscan white produced from a skilful blend of Vermentino and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Benedetta and Michele take care of their vineyards in full respect of nature and its expressiveness according to the principles of biodynamic philosophy, believe that the bare minimum is simply to take careful and never invasive care of the countryside, in this way it will be able to offer its most authentic fruits on its own .

The Tenuta Lenzini "Vermignon" on the nose shows delicately herbaceous hints and tantalizing aromas of aromatic herbs, while the sip flows light and thirst-quenching , with a rightly moderate flavor and without excess.

Why you should drink it

We are talking about one of the great creations of Tenuta Lenzini , a true certainty when you want to try something unique and of absolute quality, furthermore it is the PERFECT opportunity to taste a Tuscan white wine that will leave everyone speechless.

Once you try it you will no longer be able to do without it.

When to uncork it

Find its perfect pairings with a tasty spaghetti with clams or a red prawn tartare , but if you want to try something unique then also enjoy it with carbonara, you'll see what a surprise.

How to drink it

A perfect wine to drink immediately , especially in company, but it can evolve well if kept to rest in the cellar.

I advise you to uncork it and let it breathe for 15-30 minutes , serve it at a temperature of 10°-12°C .

Vinification and refinement

Indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentation are essential and the use of sulphites is reduced to a minimum, there is a light maceration on the skins for one day and the refinement takes place in steel for six months.


We are on the green hills of Lucca, in the small town of Gragnano , here we find the 13 hectares of vineyards corresponding to the name of Tenuta Lenzini, founded in the 16th century and originally belonging to the famous Arnolfini couple, portrayed in the famous painting by Van Eyck, now exhibited at British Museum in London.


Meticulous attention to the cultivation of the soil, which does not undergo synthetic treatments, copper and sulfur are used only as strictly necessary.

village: Italy
region: Tuscany
Grape variety: Vermentino,Sauvignon
Degrees: 12.5
Format: 0.75
Name: IGT
Year: 2022
Typology: Vermentino
Colour: Yellow
When to drink it: Fish dinner
Peculiarities: Savory
Reference: 791510
Allergeni: Solfiti